Tova Fuller, MD, PhD

Dr. Tova Fuller is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California San Francisco, serving as an inpatient psychiatrist. She has an MS in biomedical engineering and a PhD in computational genetics in addition to her MD. Her clinical areas of interest are acute treatment of serious mental illness and hypnosis.

Tova has been involved with PSR since her first year of medical school. She sat on the national board of directors as a medical student representative and also was involved with the Los Angeles and Washington chapters. Currently she serves as Vice President and Nuclear Weapons Abolition Committee (NWAC) chair of the SF Bay PSR chapter. In 2011 she was awarded the Lown-Alexander-Sidel Award for Medical Advocacy.

Dr. Fuller’s primary area of interest is militarism and nuclear weapons. She co-planned 2 national conferences as a medical student on these topics in addition to climate change and environmental health. Dr. Fuller served as an IPPNW delegate to the 2009 Nobel Peace Laureates Summit. In 2013, she authored the paper “WikiLeaks and Iraq Body Count: the sum of parts may not add up to the whole-a comparison of two tallies of Iraqi civilian deaths” with co-author and eminent war epidemiologist Dr. Les Roberts. Recent work includes steering the above mentioned NWAC and authorship of the 2020 APHA policy “Towards a Nuclear Weapons Free World.” In addition, she presented at APHA on the mental health effects of climate change and is a part of the UCSF Climate Change and Mental Health Task Force.